Sunday, July 18, 2010

Farewell to our Language Exchanges

Penny, Patty, me, Whit, and Joe
We spent our last meeting with our language exchanges at a delicious restaurant in Taichung. These folks took great care of us. Their patience, hospitality and friendship were simpy amazing! I will miss our weekly meetings and the opportunity for us to work on increasing our language skills. I am sure that we benefited more the actual language exchanges, but our friendship really grew week after week. I will sure miss these girls!

Local Fengyuan Services

Yep, I took advantage of the cheap services and my health insurance so I went to the eye doctor, had a hair cut and my teeth "cleaned".
Two minute eye exam and a new pair of glasses. $20 dollars total. The steps for my Taiwanese haircut. 1- cut hair while dry. 2- wash hair 3- style.
It was always interesting to see how our hair was going to be styled when we left the hair salon.
New hair cut and glasses. Next
I was in this dentist office for 10 minutes. It made me grateful for my dentist appointments back in the states, but for $3 dollars, it was worth it.

Brain Infection or No Brain Infection?

Some of you may have heard that I got a little sick while in Taiwan. The final diagnosis from my infection doctor was a "brain infection caused by a bacterial virus". For most of the month of June I was sick or "recovering". Part of this month I spent a week in a private hospital in the city of Taichung. I had great care from doctors and nurses, who made sure I was comfortable and had the best care possible. Xie xie ni!
The sign in my hospital room, which I shared with one other patient. Notice my full name is "Butterfl". All of the paperwork I ever saw only had my last name, never my first name. Only Nurse Lee called me Susan, but everyone just politely said hello to me when they addressed me.
My first night in the hospital, which happened to be Whitney Sheahan's birthday. She was nice enough to be willing to party with me in my hospital room (even while I looked like this). That is DEDICATION! She kept me company that night and slept on my chair that folded out into a bed. These gals took the BEST care of me! Really, I couldn't have survived without them.
One of five IV locations.
Here are my life savers, Megan, Frances (the boss), and the Whitneys. They brought me food, made sure I was comfortable, provided me with entertainment, stayed with me at night, and did more than I could have ever imagined (I only listed a few things). I will always remember their kindness.
IV in hand, sign from my students, an awesome shirt and Whit by my side. Life in a Taiwanese hospital just couldn't have been better :)
The nurses came to check on me and take my vitals every few hours.
The nurse on the right (Nurse Lee) was my favorite person in this hospital. She had GREAT English and she would just come and make sure I was not too bored or as comfortable as possible. She really made my hospital experience bearable.
Finally, DISCHARGE DAY! I ended up being in the hospital from about 3 am one Wednesday morning to 3 pm the next Tuesday afternoon. Stepping out of the hospital was one of the best feelings I have ever had. It really was not a terrible experience, but I didn't realize how great it was to be out of the hospital, until I was not there anymore.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Taipei Temple, a visit to the zoo and the world's fastest elevator

The last trip to Taipei took place in June. I spent most of Friday and all of Saturday in the biggest city in Taiwan. I got to go to the temple, stay in temple housing, and meet up with Erin to visit the zoo and head up the Taipei 101 tower.
Just kissing a panda. No big deal. The real ones were much better, but hard to get to to steal a kiss. This guy was my favorite.
Favorite picture of the day.
Sorry if it grosses you out.
Taiwan is OBSESSED with POOP!
Here is the proof that I actually own an umbrella and used it.
I rode to the 89 floor of this building.
Erin and I at the top.
I found Seattle in Taiwan.
Do I smell bad? Or are you scared of American women? I would like to think the latter.
View from the top

Blog update

This blog will continue to be updated with events and adventures from Taiwan, even though I am back in America. There are plenty of posts to come!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Taiwan Update

Sorry, there will be no pictures attached to this blog, but I wanted to update everyone on the happenings in my life in Taiwan. Things are great as usual, but still recovering. Recovering from what, you ask? I was sick with what they thought was a brain infection, which caused me to be sick for almost 3 weeks, in the hospital for a week and almost a month later I am still gaining my strength back. I am not trying to have a pity party for me, but it is all part of the update. With that said, I am feeling much better, but still resting more than usual.

The biggest news is that I am sitting on a little island off the big island of Taiwan called "Green Island". This place is amazing! Just wait for a bit and you will be able to read a post all about Green Island. It is a very small island with many beautiful things to see. It is HOT here but a great place to be. I am on vacation because I am finished with my semester of teaching English. We finished last Friday (June 26th) and it is still surreal that we are not teaching our kids and have our own bed on the 4th floor of Berhan.

Last week was very busy with getting everything ready for the end of the semester, so relaxing on Green Island has been the perfect solution to get all the rest we need before we get back to what you could call normal life. In a week from today, I will be back in Seattle. I have already been here six months and am really looking forward to being home. I can't even start to tell how much I will miss the people that I have met here, the experiences I have had and the changes I have made in my own life.  That’s all for now。

PS Sorry the font is weird in this message, the computer is making me try to type   Chinese and it won’t let me change the setting。 Oh well! 

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lukang #3

Megs and I bought these wooden postcards to send to our parents. The nicest man sold us these and even sent them in the mail for us.
This is the man that sold us our postcards and also these wooden puzzles, that he makes by himself.
Megan and a firetruck. She took this picture for her friend but I thought I would share it is as well. It not very often that you see fire trucks around.
Some random folks that interviewed Megan and wanted to take a picture with us. The boy that interviewed Megan didn't even want to be in the picture, but his friends did.
Megs and the fan man. I had the best experience with him this day. I left some of my bags in the store, so he got on his bike and went diligently searching for me. I found him driving back into his alley, when I started yelling "nihao, nihao". But we found each other and I told him thank you, thank you over again.
This poster is in the fan man's store. After looking at it for a few seconds, I recognized that one of my roommates Whitney and her friend Gloria was up on his wall along with everyother missionary that has gone through Lukang.